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Afi Foundation
Corporate volunteering
Nowadays, corporate social responsibility (CSR) is not a plus but rather a “must” and there is no better way to pursue it than by doing what one does best, doing what each professional is specialized in, lending our environment (whether immediate or distant) a social dimension and creating a positive impact therein.

Another way to exercise the CSR function is to finance projects with a positive economic, social or environmental impact on our surroundings, even if the projects are promoted by a specialized third party. This alternative is, however, less enriching and, more importantly, less appealing to the talent that we are all looking to attract to our firms which, fortunately, is increasingly motivated more by an organization’s intangibles than by remuneration.

The companies that receive our volunteers are as follows:

Fundación Afi has designed a corporate volunteering program for Afi Group’s professionals with a dual purpose: to teach and to learn.
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